EPC Engineer is a web portal supporting the Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) Industry in the Oil and Gas, Mining, Power and Infrastructure sectors providing information surrounding the development of engineering projects and promoting potential business and employment opportunities. Our mission is to be the global focus point for companies and people involved in the EPC Industry.

Promotional Packages

We have a number of promotional packages that can suit your needs.

Maximum visibility

Our platform is much more than a simple jobs board. Job posts and branding promos don't just appear on flat lists, but are connected to news articles, projects and company pages providing much more context than other portals and recruitment sites. Effective linking of extensive data means your promotion can appear on many relevant pages in front of a highly specific target audience.

Our platform is integrated with social media applications ensuring maximum visibility to the engineering and construction industry worldwide. We implement SEO marketing strategies which continuously drive our website traffic up on a monthly basis. We are attracting a rapidly growing audience of candidate and companies to EPC Engineer. EPC Engineer is also establishing media partner relationships with industry event holders giving us further exposure to industry professionals