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" Peabody is BTU, and Btu is energy. Peabody serves high-growth markets, lighting lives and fueling economies in more than 25 nations on six continents. Peabody is the only global pure-play coal investment and a global leader in clean coal solutions. From mine to rail, rail to ports and ports to plants… Peabody is fueling the world with energy essential to sustain life and grow economies. "

Peabody Energy Corp. News

Eight Million Pound Dragline Crosses New Mexico In Historic Trek To Peabody Energy's (NYSE: BTU) El Segundo Mine

SOURCE: Peabody Energy | 27 November 2013

Peabody Energy's 8 million pound dragline completed a historic journey from the company's Lee Ranch Mine northwest of Grants, New Mexico, more than 20 miles to its new home at the El Segundo Mine. One of the world's most massive machines, the 1570-W dragline crossed the high desert, carried by a specialized 600-wheel vehicle. NASA uses a similar transportation method to haul space shuttles.

Australian Regulator Urges Collective Bargaining For Queensland Coal Rail

SOURCE: Dow Jones Newswires | 08 December 2011

Australia's competition watchdog Thursday proposed allowing a group of coal miners to bargain collectively for access to the rail network connecting mines in Queensland state's Bowen Basin with the port of Abbot Point.

Queensland Picks Bidders For Massive Abbot Point Coal Expansion

SOURCE: Dow Jones Newswires | 01 December 2011

The government of Australia's Queensland state Thursday selected some of the world's biggest mining companies to build terminals at a planned coal port inthe north of the state that could increase global coal trade by more than a third over current levels.

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