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Turning Coke Oven Gas Into Baking Powder: ThyssenKrupp And TU Berlin Develop New Process For Eco-Friendly Conversion Of Process Gases - World's First Pilot Plant In Duisburg

SOURCE: ThyssenKrupp | 17 November 2015

Making cookies from coal? In theory it is now possible with a completely new technology developed in a collaborative project by the Schwelgern coke plant (KBS), plant engineering company ThyssenKrupp Industrial Solutions and Berlin Technical University (TU Berlin).

Aker Solutions' CO2 Capture Technology Picked By Norcem For Commercial-Scale Use In Cement Production

SOURCE: Aker Solutions | 17 November 2015

Aker Solutions won an order from Norcem for a feasibility study on the development of the world's first commercial-scale carbon capture facility for use in cement production, the source of about 5 percent of global greenhouse gas emissions.

Siemens And RWE Build Next-Generation Virtual Power Plant

SOURCE: Siemens | 16 November 2015

Today's virtual power plants already transmit their electricity from software-bundled, distributed power generating facilities to the energy markets. But a cost-effective, mass-market solution for integrating producers, consumers and storage units does not yet exist.

Bechtel Reveals How Nature Could Make Coastal Infrastructure More Resilient

SOURCE: Bechtel | 10 November 2015

Bechtel’s senior ports specialist, Marco Pluijm, announced today that analyzing natural barrier islands could help to make coastal infrastructure more sustainable and resilient.

World Premiere: Air Liquide Inaugurates Its CO2 Cold Capture System, CryocapTM

SOURCE: Air Liquide | 05 November 2015

Today, in France, Air Liquide inaugurated Cryocap™, a unique industrial installation that enables the capture of CO2 released during hydrogen production via a cryogenic process.

Siemens And Netze BW Put Smart Grid Solution For The Distribution Network Into Operation

SOURCE: Siemens | 30 October 2015

Siemens and Netze BW brought their joint project "Network laboratory Niederstetten – distributed network intelligence" in Niederstetten in Baden-Württemberg, Germany, to a successful conclusion at the end of October 2015 with the startup of an innovative automation solution for the primary distribution grid.

MSU Microbiologists Identify 100 Oil Decomposing Microorganisms Suitable For Use In Northern Seas

SOURCE: Rosneft | 16 October 2015

Under a contract with Rosneft to create a microbial medication for northern seas signed in 2014, scientists of Moscow State University’s biological faculty have identified about 100 microorganisms able to decompose oil and petroleum products at low temperatures including below zero ones.

Next Generation Electric Arc Furnace Stirrer Improves Steel Production Output.

SOURCE: ABB ltd | 05 October 2015

ABB, the leading power and automation group, launches a product whose stronger stirring ability enables liquid steel producers to save time, money and materials.

New Collaboration On Future Energy

SOURCE: Statoil | 01 October 2015

The Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) and Statoil today (Thursday 1 October) signed an agreement on research funding for future energy solutions.

New Enzyme For Ethanol Producers Reduces Use Of Chemicals And Saves Costs

SOURCE: Novozymes | 22 September 2015

Today, Novozymes announced the launch of a new enzyme for ethanol producers who want to reduce their use of chemicals without sacrificing yield.