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Petrobras Develops Unique Technology To Cut Greenhouse Gas Emissions

SOURCE: Petrobras News Agency | 23 January 2015

An unparalleled technology to cut greenhouse gas emissions through carbon dioxide capture is being developed on a demonstration scale at Petrobras’ Shale Industrialization Facility (known as SIX) in Paraná, in partnership with the company’s Cenpes research center.

UK-First Renewable Heat Network Demonstration Secures Research Funding

SOURCE: E.on | 21 January 2015

A low carbon heating project led by E.ON working with the University of Exeter and technology providers SK Solar and Star Renewable Energy has today been awarded a Government research grant to carry out the feasibility work to create a UK-first community-wide energy scheme based on emissions-free renewable energy sources.

Amec Foster Wheeler Becomes Founding Partner In EDF Energy Strategic Partnership

SOURCE: Amec Foster Wheeler | 20 January 2015

Amec Foster Wheeler announces today that it has signed to become a founding partner in the EDF Energy Strategic Partnership for Lifetime Interface Agreement. The contract positions it among a select group of key suppliers working with EDF Energy to extend the life of its UK Advanced Gas Cooled Reactor (AGR) nuclear power stations.

Total Energy Ventures Invests In Stem

SOURCE: Total | 12 January 2015

Total Energy Ventures (TEV), the venture capital arm of French energy company Total, is investing in Stem, which specializes in energy optimization solutions for commercial and industrial (C&I) customers and grid operators.

IHI And Toshiba To Launch Demonstration Research Of Ocean Current Power Generation System

SOURCE: Toshiba | 25 December 2014

IHI Corporation (Tokyo 7013; “IHI”) and Toshiba Corporation (Tokyo 6502; “Toshiba”) have been selected by Japan’s New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization (“NEDO”) as co-researchers in the “Research and Development (“R&D”) of Ocean Energy Technology - Demonstration Research of Ocean Energy Power Generation”.

AREVA Launches Ground-Breaking Solution To Improve The Reliability Of Nuclear Power Plant Secondary Systems

SOURCE: AREVA | 18 December 2014

AREVA has developed an innovative technology to prevent the corrosion of the secondary systems of nuclear power plants through the application of a protective film on the inner surfaces. This solution reinforces the long-term reliability of these structures and contributes to extending the duration of reactor operations.

Atkins And University Of Edinburgh Launch Oil And Gas Masters Module

SOURCE: Atkins | 17 December 2014

Atkins has partnered with the University of Edinburgh to launch an “Introduction to Oil and Gas” module for the University’s Chemical Engineering and Mechanical Engineering Masters degrees.

Siemens Reports Nine-Percent Increase In Patent First Filings

SOURCE: Siemens | 05 December 2014

In fiscal 2014, Siemens filed 4,300 patent applications – a year-over-year increase of nine percent. In addition, the company intends to boost investments in research and development (R&D) by around €400 million. In fiscal 2014, R&D expenditures totaled roughly €4 billion.

Toshiba Develops World's Highest Efficiency Artificial Photosynthesis Technology For Generation Of Fuel And Feedstock From Carbon Dioxide.

SOURCE: Toshiba | 03 December 2014

Toshiba Corporation today announced the development of a new technology that uses solar energy, the power of the sun, to generate carbon compounds from carbon dioxide and water, and to deliver a viable chemical feedstock or fuel with potential for use in industry.

Alstom Chosen To Equip Pilot Tidal Farm At Raz Blanchard In France

SOURCE: Alstom | 02 December 2014

Alstom, together with GDF SUEZ, has been chosen by the Prime Minister to supply equipment for a tidal energy pilot farm at Raz Blanchard, west of the Cotentin peninsula (Manche), following the findings of a study conducted by the ADEME.