Phase: Operation
Country: Saudi Arabia
Categories: Petrochemical and Chemical Refineries
Type: Oil Refinery
Updated: 01 Apr 2011

Project Description

Jiddah Refinery (JR), which started operations in 1967, (60 thousand barrels per day (MBD) nominal capacity, 100 MBD utilization capacity) has a 22 MBD vacuum column and a 20 MBD cat cracker, and a 3.0 MBD catalytic reformer. Jiddah Refinery exchanges streams with adjacent Lube Oil Plant - Luberef (sends imported Reduce Crude and receives VGO, FO, and asphalt). It also provides services (Power, Fresh Water and Fire Water) to neighboring facilities (Luberef, Petrolube and SWCC pump station).

Jiddah Refinery handles 350 MBD of hydrocarbon products through its Marine Terminal (8 inner berths 40,000 DWT and 2 outer berths up to 100,000 DWT) and Product Handling Facilities (84 tanks with a total capacity of 8 million barrels). This can reach up to 450 MBD during the high seasons, Ramadan and Hajj periods. The capability of the refinery is important to safeguard and provide critical supplies of fuel to the Makkah Area as well as to local consumers, such as the King Abdulaziz Airport, the Jiddah Islamic Seaport and Power Plants.

Transportation and Distribution

Through the Jiddah Refinery Terminal, crude and final products are imported, and petroleum products are exported. The majority of products are transferred to two local bulk plants, SWCC, SEC and the King Faisal Naval Base via pipelines. Refinery sales are LPG, unleaded gasoline, diesel, and asphalt. In addition, the refinery exports naphtha.

Project Location

Jeddah Refinery is located in the industrial town of Jeddah on the Red Sea

Project Location

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