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Country: Chile
Categories: Terminals
Updated: 13 Jan 2011

GNL Quintero News

Chile's ENAP To Abandon Geothermal Exploration, Development

SOURCE: Dow Jones Newswires | 09 May 2011

Chilean state oil and natural-gas company Empresa Nacional del Petroleo SA, or Enap, has decided to abandon geothermal energy exploration and development in order to concentrate on its core business.

Chile Generator Colbun To Buy LNG From State Oil & Gas Co Enap

SOURCE: Dow Jones Newswires | 02 September 2010

Chilean power generator Colbun SA will buy $90 million of liquefied natural gas, or LNG, from state oil and gas company Empresa Nacional del Petroleo SA, Colbun said late Wednesday in a statement with the local SVS securities regulator.

Chile's GNL Quintero Hits Milestone, Matches Prior Gas Imports

SOURCE: Dow Jones Newswires | 19 August 2010

GNL Quintero, in central Chile and one of the nation's two liquefied natural gas regasification terminals, already proved its value this winter as peak output matched the maximum amount of gas central Chile used to import from Argentina through two cross-border pipelines, the company's chief Antonio Bacigalupo said Thursday.

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