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Recently Added Candidates

Mechanical Engineer

Dubai, United Arab Emirates - 3 years experience

Mechanical Engineer with experience in oil and gas industry and in world class production industry.Managed oil and gas construction site, familiar with ASME Codes and Standards. Have working knowledge of site and industrial safety. Carried out plant maintenance and has experience in TPM, NDT,SAP, Autocad,and MS Office.

Maintenance Supervisor

Jubail, Eastern Region , Saudi Arabia - 13 years experience

Supervised maintenance management staff and conducted performance reviews of workers and technicians; perform daily, weekly and monthly personnel activities. Perform PM for multiple feeders systems, collecting augur, ROTOFORMER; cooling belt; extruder and under-water pelletizer and dryer; Grinder with sieve & separation; Ribbon blender with extruder, cooling bath & strand cutter.

Civil Engineer

Thessaloniki, Greece - 25 years experience

Global-minded project management and operations specialist driving successful engineering and contracting initiatives for 20+ years through expert direction of multi-million dollar construction projects. Exemplary record of achieving, scheduling and budgetary targets. Highly skilled at leading multi-cultural, diversified teams, accurately estimating project pricing, and negotiating optimal vendor terms. Significant international experience in diverse and/or hostile environments.

Mechanical Engineer

Karangalan, Pasig City, Philippines - 37 years experience

An Energetic, Highly motivated, Proficient Business Entrepreneur engaged in serving the various requirements of the Government owned power corporation. Seasoned negotiator who can work alone or with team mates. Acquainted with how to check and comply with Philippine law its implementing guidelines and procedure concerning the development of renewable energy.

Chemical ENgineer

Veraval, GJ, India - 3 years experience

Process Engineer with 3 year experience of successfully coordinating the activities of various departments concerned with the production and process in chemical industries. Comfortable working with people of all levels. Having proven people management skills, with the ability to manage performance and motivate people on an individual and team level.